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July 21, 2011

These Recruitment Posters Make Picking A Side Tough...

Eric Tan has created two new recruitment posters in honor of the new Captain America movie to be released at the Mondo booth this weekend at Comic Con. Since I won't be getting the chance to go there, I am going to share all the cool stuff I come across with you guys here on CCD. These propaganda style posters are wonderful. You can see the Captain America/good guy one above, and after the jump you can see the one touting the Red Skull's Hydra army as the way to go. If I had to choose based on these posters alone, I would probably go with Hydra. I don't know why, but that damn chin strap on Cap's helmet is bothering more and more as we get closer to the movie release. If I joined up with the good guys they might make me wear ridiculous head gear like that, and that's a no no!!! Team Hydra it is...

***Please click Read more below to see Eric Tan's Hydra recruitment poster***

Thanks to It's A Dan's World for the tip on these.


  1. Thanks for the plug Mike! Glad you liked the posters too - I'd definitely be siding with the Skull. Good is all nice and well good, but evil has never looked better!