July 28, 2011

Freddie Wong Is Back... This Time With Jon Favreau Himself!!!

Freddie Wong makes some really great videos that he features on his Youtube page. The guy has a great team and the things they do have taken over the Internet, usually topping a few million views within a few days. This has got the attention of some big shots in Hollywood. Jon Favreau became a fan of Wong, and he decided to collaborate with the Internet entrepreneur on a 'Cowboys & Aliens' themed shoot 'em up video. It is amazing!!! Just continue after the jump to see the new video and an behind the scenes featurette as well. I really love this one. Cowboys & Aliens opens up tomorrow, so this one is right on time.

***Please click Read more below to see the new Freddy W/John Favreau video***

Here is the behind the scenes featurette:

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