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June 27, 2011

So This Is The New Justice League Of America, Huh??? Meh...

Here is DC's first look of the full Justice League of America team that will be featured in this falls shakeup of the DC universe. It was drawn by Jim Lee and I got it from one of my favorite comic book blogs, It's A Dan's World. Check em out:

They got the core 7 out in front, with one notable exception: Where the hell is Martian Manhunter and what the F is Cyborg from the Teen Titans doing there? I am a bit behind on my DC continuity (but catching up quickly!!!) but I can't see how they can have a incarnation of the JLA without Martian Manhunter.... that green son of a bitch is my man!!!! You can also see some of the supporting characters filling out the background. I love me some Hawkman!!! In my opinion the art is good, but nothing spectacular. I still don't get why DC is doing this whole reboot/re-imagining/alternate shuffling of their characters, but I guess time will tell. We shall see. What do you guys think about this team photo? Tell us in the comment section below!!!


  1. JLA was always a meh comic for me. With that lineup, what can really threaten the Earth. The art is okay, but is Superman's chest some kind of weird kryptonian physiology or is he just really sticking it out.

  2. Martian Manhunter is no longer on the Justice League after the reboot, he's now a member of Stormwatch, with a terribly redesigned Apollo and Midnighter. The first JLA arc will take place in the past, and he will probably be in it as a founding member. Hopefully. If he isn't, it fucks up so much...

  3. And there in lies the problem... WHY? Why move MM to another group? Not cool. I love me some J'onn J'onzz (however he spells that shit...)Hope this fails epically....

  4. I wish I had an answer for you. To me, other members come and go, but MM is the core/heart of the Justice League.

  5. Maybe they were like...well, we need a black guy, and like a real one, not a fake one and we've all ready got one guy who's all green sooooo....

    I'm not crazy about Superman's suit either. I mean it's fine I guess but, it's a little too, 90's era, Rob Liefieldy, Heroes Rebornish. Which has it's place, but not on Superman.