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June 17, 2011

My Man Johnny Comes Through Once Again!!!

One of the cooler aspects of running this blog is that you begin to develop relationships with others who have similar interests as you. This is especially true of my fellow bloggers. My boy Cal at the Cave of Cool, Dave over at Exophrine, and Jeremy over at Popped Culture have made me feel great about the work I am doing here at CCD and motivate me through running their own awesome blogs as well (please check these guys out... you will love them!). But my closest friendship that I have developed so far has to be my boy Johnny Boots from the horror blog Freddy In Space. My boy is one of the most knowledgeable horror enthusiasts out there on the web, and I always get a kick out of reading his site.

God I love getting packages!!!!

Johnny and I began exchanging packages and memorabilia last year, and we often blow each others minds with the contents of packages that we send each other. I scored major points with Johnny by getting him a personalized autographed poster by scream queen Danielle Harris, and I also wowed him with a variant Freddy Kreuger toy that was in upside down packaging. He amazed me by providing me an etching of a Clint Howard/Ice Cream Man carving that was made for him. Yeah... we are both geeks! Anyway, I got another package from my boy this week and he has outdone himself yet again!

This package came with two items, one better then the next. The first was a box of 'Cereal Killer' cereal by Wax Eye. The particular brand was a play on the yellow boxes of Corn Pops/Honey Combs, entitled 'Eye Pops/Honey Chrome'. Very cool product... click the above link to see all the different boxes Wax Eye has to offer. The next thing was even cooler. It was a handmade voodoo-type doll in the form of zombie master George A. Romero!!! Artist Bob Dix created these dolls from scratch, hand painting each so that they are all unique in some way. Johnny sells these and many other cooky items in his Freddy in Space Online Store, but I got mine for nothing!!! Thanks Johnny. I got a package heading your way soon!!!!

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