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May 5, 2011

Past Campy Versions Of Superheroes We Should Want To Forget...

... But for some reason we love 'em anyway. Great compilation from Fonjil's Youtube page. Thanks to Nick for sending us these via Facebook. There are some really good ones in here... check it out!!!

Some thoughts:
  • God, most of these look much worse then they were AT THE TIME. Yea, they ain't as good as the recent stuff, but look what they were working with back then.
  • The Flash's costume was freaking awesome for a early 90's TV show. Unreal how good it was.
  • Dr. Strange... I have to own that TV show on DVD. Maybe at the next comic convention I will pick up a copy of this one on bootleg.
  • The Shazam show was very underrated.... just saying.
  • Lynda Carter could get it... for sure! 

1 comment:

  1. Mantis! I remember that one.

    Never knew there was a Dr. Strange Tv Series. Whoe played the doctor..anyone famous?

    I used to watch 'The Flash' every week. That costume was perfect.