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April 8, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge - Day #7 - Letter G - Grapes (Jordan V Grapes)

So Clean...

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge sneaker fan. I have over 150 pairs of kicks right now, and I have had hundreds more over the years. I have been a size 13 since freshman year of high school and still have a few pairs from back then. When I was growing up my Dad often took me to Sports Depot on Crossbay Blvd or Sneaker Corner on Liberty Ave to get sneakers. I always got Jordans or other hot kicks, such as Adidas Superstars or Reebok Pumps. And although I loved every Jordan that has ever been made, nothing... and I mean nothing comes close to the Air Jordan V Grapes.

Heaven on a Jordan Planet!

When these puppies dropped in 1990, they set the streets on fire. This was the first time that Nike decided to step out of the comfort zone a use some different colors. The purple & turquoise colorway are just stunning compared to the usual combos of black, red, and white that Jordans usually come in. The reflective tongue with the huge Jumpman made the sneaker pop, and the lacelocks on the top allowed you to have the shoes untied but secured (it was the style at the time). The mesh sides, the 3/4 cut (they look like regular high tops, but typical basketball shoes back then were SUPER high)... these were cream of the crop. I always wanted them, but never had them as a kid.

Back in 2006 the Jordan Brand started retroing the Jordan V's, and one of the planned colorways was the 'Grapes'. I copped them instantly... after 16+ years I finally had them!!!! Here I am rockng my 'Grapes' at the last Music and Movie Night with my partners Papa James & Bianca Papas.

I got my Grapes son!!!

They are my favorite sneakers that I own... the highlight of my collection. There is a rumor that the Jordan Brand is releasing the 'Grapes' again in a 2pack with the Jordan V 'Laney' colorway (blue & yellow) later this year... only time will tell on that one. But I'm good... I already got mine!!!!

***Bonus- Check out these blasts from the pasts featuring Grapes***

King Ralph poster featuring Grapes (minus Jordan logo)

Fresh Prince rocking the Grapes!


  1. Jordan sneakers are the best, hands down!!!

  2. My son and nephew just put these on Facebook...I love that guys are so into shoes these days:)