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April 7, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge - Day #6 - Letter F - Fin Fang Foom

Fin Fang Foom is one of the coolest villains in the whole Marvel Universe. Not to mention that its complete bullshit that he doesn't fuck Iron Man & The Fantastic Four up every time he encounters them. This is a MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON... he gotta win every once in a blue, no? Well, this fantastic character was created in 1961 by Jack Kirby & Stan Lee and has been in and out of story lines across the board ever since. His first appearance was in 'Strange Tales' #89

Instead of featuring pictures of Fin Fang Foom from the pages of the Marvel Comics you might know him from, I am choosing to feature some Deviant Art versions instead. I hope you enjoy them... some day Foom, you will have your chance to be the boss!!!

Foom by Loylin

Bling Fang Foom by Hudsimus Prime

Iron Man vs Foom by Culumon

Thor vs Fin Fang Foom by Feral 714

Note To The Superheroes by Dune 3001

#99 by A Reino

Click all the artist names to see all the rest of their great work.... these guys did ole Foomy justice!!!


  1. wow..this is a great new comic I've never seen ;) Thanks for the super-hero recommendation ;) LOL

    Following you from A-Z challenge!

  2. I freaking looooove Dune 3001's piece! Foom has never looked so adorable.

  3. I always loved the little purple panties he would wear. He is such an ancient bad ass but is too ashamed to show his dragon willie in public. Would we have mocked him? Dr Manhattan let it all hang out and we didn't lose respect for him? Okay we did. Maybe a little. Because if you had Dr M's powers you would make sure you had a hog on ya like a giant piece of garlic coil sausage. Just saying.

  4. I love those old Marvel Monster comics that FFF first appeared in. Watch my A-Z post tomorrow for my all time favorite of the Lee/Kirby monsters...the big ego himself...GOOM!!!!!

  5. Awesome rant and you are dead on! Love the pictures too.

    Plus, your blog rocks! I'm following.