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April 24, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge - Day #21 - Letter U - Underoos

These character based underwear/T-shirt sets were the coolest things ever when I was a little guy. They still make 'em now, but they just ain't the same. Here are a few pics to take you back down memory lane!

Aqua Man? Really?

Dolemite Kid PJ's? Holy Shit!!!

And I'm Doc Strange in the Range like Whoa!!!

Biggie even put them in his rap

Why is that girl in her draws with all those boys around?

Xmas suprise Underoos

Which ones did you have?

Christian Rocker kid underwear sets? Thats worse then the Dolemite ones....

Good vs Evil... Superman vs Vader

Vintage Ad

Vintage Ad 2

Vintage Ad 3

Vintage Ad 4


  1. great minds... great minds...

  2. I had 'Robin' ones...2 older brothers always forced me into being the sidekick.

    I had Spider-Man One-zy pj's with the feet in them though. I think I wore them all day everyday!

  3. Rocked the WW 'roos till I couldn't anymore. Wish they sold them now in adult size...(sigh)

  4. I had some Underoos growing up including Batman and Superman. They were awesome and I'll agree really need to be brought adult sizes.