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April 7, 2011

Damon Lindelof Tells George R.R. Martin To Eat A Dick...

I love when famous people get mad at each other... the pettiness comes out between them and it usually makes for some good laughs. In a recent interview with The New Yorker, 'Game of Thrones' author George RR Martin claimed he didn't want to "Pull a Lost" and mess up the ending of his 'Songs of Fire & Ice' book series. This lead 'Lost' showrunner and CCD fave Damon Lindelof  to go off on Martin via Twitter, calling out the author for talking shit. Now before you get all mad at Damon for being sensitive, he clarified his beef with Martin... he is not upset that Martin didn't like the ending of 'Lost', he is just mad that Martin tried to equate "Pulling a Lost" with a shitty ending. I agree with Damon... how are you going to bash a show that ruled the airwaves for six years when your show hasn't even begun to air yet?

Here are a few of Lindelof's tweets:
"I don't take issue with his opinion, I take issue with the fact that he coined 'Pulling a Lost' as empirically 'f--king up the ending,'"
"Not to mention, he agreed to say nice things if I sent him Mr. Friendly's beard, which I did"

"I've just been informed George is working on his feud response. I'll have it in FIVE YEARS! #NOYOUDINT"

Martin apparently heard that Lindelof was abusing him, so he fired back in another interview yesterday. Here are some of the highlights:
"When I reached the end and they hadn't pulled it altogether, in fact, they left a big turd on my doorstep," says the author bluntly, "I was pretty was about the second episode of Lost, I said, 'Oh, they're all dead.' They're all dead. That's what it would be in a half-hour Rod Sterling Twilight Zone, in 1958. And they took what? How many seasons to get to the point where they were all dead?"
This sent Lindelof over the edge, and he ended the arugument with these Tweets:
First: "They weren't dead the whole time." And second? "1997 called. It wants its web design back."
Hahahahahaha.... in Lindelof's defense, Martin's website is pretty terrible (see for yourself). I love this argument, especially that he attacks Martin's ridiculous beard and inability to finish & publish a book in a reasonable period of time. But I am looking forward to 'Game of Thrones'... keep the humor coming Damon. Don't let this bearded fuck talk shit about our favorite show!!!! And if he does, tweet this pic of him to teach him a lesson!!!

Quotes via E Online


  1. The fued response line was classic.

    I mean, at least lost had an ending. I liked it, too bad George didn't.

  2. How dare he use the name 'Lost' in vain!

    To paraphrase the immortal Hulk Hogan:
    "Whatcha gonna do, brutha?...Whatcha gonna do when NERDmanian runs wild on YOU?!"

  3. I love Lost, and I love Martin's books... I just really believe that this is absurd. Maybe... just maybe... people are going to think Martin's books end badly... I am already annoyed that he brought in so many POV's to the book that I just don't care about (those of you who read them know what I'm talking about). Martin should know more than anyone that things change during the creative process. Especially considering the fact that it took him FOREVER to finish this last book. Maybe his head was too wrapped around the new show (which looks amazing). I think Martin has a sense of entitlement and all around arrogance though... check out this article... what do you think?