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March 24, 2011

"Waiting Sucks"... The New Tag Line For Season 4 Of True Blood

One of my favorite shows on TV is HBO's True Blood. While shit got a bit wacky during Season 3 (Fairies, Werewolf orgies, crystal meth tweeker Were-Panthers & twisted head Vampire sex anyone?) there is no denying that the show deserves it's high esteem. Well, spring is here... and that means that we are in countdown mode to another fun filled (and blood filled) 12 episode arc. I for one am ready. How 'bout you guys? Tell us what you think of these three teasers below.






  1. Oh I deny, I deny vehemently this show getting any esteem at all. Being human(either version) is better written, better acted, better... you know what its better in every sense so im just going to stop there. Outside of Lizzy Caplan being on the show briefly it has almost no redeeming qualities, maybe two-three interesting characters that are mishandled at best. If you need me Ill be over on imdb seeing what projects Lizzy has coming up...

  2. It's a trashy exploitative show and in that it's completely successful. It's a great twist on a tired mythos. And it has vampires with teeth ad who dies from sunlight. Double plus.

    I like Being Human (the British one) as well. Also a fun concept. But it's a whole different kind of show.