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March 14, 2011

Ole Timey Inception by Rob Martin

We all love Inception. We all know how great it was and how it definitely got the shaft in the awards realm…

(let’s see what’s better, two guys having a conversation about stuttering in a overcast England, or two guys having a full contact battle in a 360 degree spinning room in a multi level dreamscape! FFZZZUUBUHHH!!!)

There’s been loads of Inception inspired vids floating around but this one takes a different route. It applies stop motion animation (rock) to vintage style photos and adapts them to the narrative of our favorite dream tromping troupe.

Apparently the video was done by an Austrian artist, Wolfgang Matzl as part of a short film contest put on by Jameson. There are several other decent entries on the site as well, but this one really stood out for me.

Inception+Stop Motion Animation+Irish Whiskey? What’s not to love!?

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