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March 3, 2011

Get Your Hands Of My Woman Penn... Please?

I kinda like Sean Penn as an actor, but I am ready to smash his fucking head in with a ball peen hammer for this picture of him eating lunch with Scarlett Johansson.

Yea, you see that right. That's Scar Jo's foot resting squarely on Penn's cock piece. It's bad enough you parlayed a relationship with Madonna back in 1984 into a legendary acting career, now you wanna get a footjob from one of the hottest women in the world over some disco fries? Fuck you Penn... Fuck you!
As a bonus, to make me feel better, here is an oldie but goodie of Scarlett when she was still pure (and loved tight dresses that highlighted her humungo funbags). This makes up for the Penn incident a bit... but not all the way. Enjoy.


  1. Scarlett's breasts look different everytime I see them. I really want to like her but everytime she opens her mouth and speaks I am reminded why I don't. It's all the little things that make a person attractive I guess.

  2. I hate this chick with a passion....I dont know why but, like Kal, everytime she opens that hole in her face it makes me want to kick her in the neck....again and again. Her and Penn make an awesome couple. I hope her eardrums burst from listening to the self-righteous vomit that spews from him on a daily basis.

  3. Um, yea... Scarlett Johanson can do NO WRONG. I LOVE HER MAN!!!! Talk shit about Penn all you want, but do not talk about the pillowly lips and pillowly pillows that is the perfection known as Scarlett Johanson!!!!!!!!!

  4. YOUR woman?!?! Get in line, son! I got dibs! (Like either of us will ever nail her. Ha!)