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March 1, 2011

Even More Sucker Punch Posters... And This Time They Are Vinatage!!!

We have been highlighting tons of images and clips from Zack Snyder's upcoming opus 'Sucker Punch'. I have totally fallen in love with Emily Browning, I can not possibly get enough Jaime Chung, and the rest of these hot bitches can all get it. That's not even bringing up the zombie Nazi's, the fighter pilot sequences, the dragons, the ninja warriors, the guns... yeah, not even all of that stuff. I can NOT wait for this fucking flick... and as we close into the month of its release, we get treated to even cooler 40's era propaganda posters featuring the 5 main characters. Wow... Mr. Snyder, your vision sure seems original. I hope it all makes sense and leads to a great movie. That's what we need to lead into your turn as the new director of The Man of Steel. What do you guys think... is 'Sucker Punch' gonna be worth it? Tell us in the comment section below.

Thanks to /Film for the tip... you guys rock!


  1. These are fantastic & I am as every bit as excited as you to see this flick.

  2. Its gonna be worth it.

    By the way, would you have those retro posters in a higher resolution? say... 300dpi or around there?