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March 29, 2011

Amy Adams Is Lois Lane... And I Never Wanted To Be Superman More in My Entire Life!!!

I was a bit skeptical to run this story until it was 100% verified, but it seems that Amy Adams has been tapped to play Lois Lane in the 'Superman' reboot film by Zack Snyder. I think this is wonderful since I worship the ground that this hot piece of ginger ass walks on and love to see her in anything. Shit, Snyder could have made her Superman himself if he wanted to and I would be on board for this puppy. Yeah, I love her.

Adams joins a very intriguing cast that features Henry Cavill as Supes, Kevin Costner & Diane Lane as Ma & Pa Kent, and a yet to be determined villain. No word on whether Nuclear Man from Superman 4 will be back... but if he is lets hope he uses his nuclear power to melt Adam's top off and let us catch a look at those fabulous ta-ta's.

Yeah, I know. Adams, a short red head, looks a lot different then the traditional Lois Lane of the comics (tall, skinny and dark haired). But Lane was always a spitfire, and Adams showed she can play a loudmouth in her Oscar nominated role from The Fighter. I like the choice, but then again I am blinded by whether the carpet matches the pubes on Adams. What do you guys think? tell us in the comment section below.


  1. Not to mention she has a very 1930's/40's look about her, which is pretty exemplified in the underrated "Night At the Museum 2", aka "Amy Adams' Ass".

  2. Don't care much about another 'Superman' reboot....but, if it helps turn up more delicious photos of Amy Adams than count me in!