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February 18, 2011

These Are The New Characters From Disney's New Star Tours Ride

I love Star Wars... god I do. One of my biggest regrets as a Star Wars geek was never getting to Disneyland in Cali to ride Star Tours, the interactive ride/adventure that the theme park offered. This past year they closed the ride, and alongside George Lucas and the rest of the Lucas Film family, have launched the second generation of the ride called 'Star Tours: The Adventure Continues'. This really sounds great. We are going to get Leia, Vader, Boba, The Droids, Chewy, Yoda, and even Admiral Akbar... and we are also getting some new characters as well. Let's take a look at these new guys.

First we got Spokesbot Aly San San. This droid serves as a guide during the ride. Pretty cool design if you ask me:

Next we got AC-38, new sidekick droid. He goes by the name Ace, and I am dying to see how he plays against C-3PO's dry personality. My bet is he will be funny and or sarcastic to contrast 3PO. Here he is:

Finally, we are getting some new Storm Troopers. We have already seen many different types of Storm Trooper's armor, but these look unreal. I introduce to you the Sky Trooper!!!

So what do you guys think? How do you like these new characters? Tell us in the comment section below. Thanks to Inside The Magic for the tips. Maybe I can make it out there to Cali to enjoy this new ride. It begins previews in May and will be fully operationally by June.  

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