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February 8, 2011

'Art Held in Contemp.' Volume 4 by Briana Melendez

 I've always been a visually stimulated individual. As a kid I was always mesmerized by the vibrant colors in nature & much to my parent's dismay the metal radiators in our home quickly became works of abstract art as I was entranced by the melting of my 64 colors of Crayola. The MOMA is by far my favorite museum in all of NYC. I can never get enough of the smooth perfection in marble and the vibrant colors of early 19th century paintings. As much as I love all these beautiful representations of creativity I could never feel connected completely. They are products of bygone eras that while I can admire I could never fully feel a part. That all changed a few years back. I picked up this art magazine called 'Juxtapoz' & BAM! It hit me like a Batman punch. There were images I understood, images I could relate to. Artwork that made sense & represented me. Knowing that 'my' art was alive & kicking has sent me on a quest to look for artist & works of art in which we all can see a little bit of ourselves. With each new installment I'll be aiming to do just that. Sit back & enjoy the ride, I know I have been.

Oil is by far my favorite medium used by artists. The realism and colors that that can be translated to canvas is amazing to me....It's as if I have a personal window, just for me, into the mind and moment of life that the artist is trying to convey. There are so many great artists out, now, that use oil that it would be impossible for me to just pick one, so here is the first in a long line I plan to spotlight. With no further delay I introduce you to Natalia Fabia.

Artist Natalia Fabia

Raised in Southern California by Polish parents, Natalia Fabia finds inspiration in the L.A. lifestyle that surrounds her. With show titles like 'Hooker Dreamscape' & 'Hooker Safari' you can easily make the jump to the central icons of her paintings. Fabia doesn't use actual ladies of the night as her subjects but her friends.  "I used to love calling my girlfriends hookers. I like the idea of someone who sells their talents and abilities for money," Natalia says. For her last show, 'Fashionable Aftertaste Without End', this past July at the Corey Helford Gallery  her inspiration switched to Japanese culture and their love of kawaii. 

What draws me to Fabia's paintings and subjects is the utter coolness that seems to just ooze off the canvas. I want to be a part of the world she has created and have a smoke and beer by the pool w/ her friends. 

'Happy Friend Tree'

click 'READ MORE' below for more of Natalia's art.

'Aileen Ice Cream'

'Electric Marshmallows For Real Eyes'

'Apocalypse Hooker'

'Climbing Trees'

'Hair And Sunset Of Pink'

'Hooker Sleepover'

'Emerald Peafowl Queen'

'Sweet Lolitas'

'Pool Party'

'Rest Interrupted'



'Noelle The Hooker Clown'

'Nude of Toy'

'Pizza party'

'Leopard Sky'

'Lioness Teaching The Hunt'

'I Heart Hello Kitty'

'Hot Pink'

'In This Ungainly Posture,
The Animal Is Vulnerable To Attack By Predators' 

'A Precarious Existence'
'Glamour Pot'

Artist Natalia Fabia

For more about Natalia Fabia check out her website  

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  1. She has an amazing style. Truly an artistic force to be reckoned with. Once again, great article, BriMe.

  2. I am like you. I am visually attracted to anything beautiful - art, design, women, advertising, landscapes, wild weather. This stuff you posted about today is terrific. I love JUXTAPOSE so much I have it delivered to the house each month. Great magazine and I use images from it all the time on my collages. Great post.

  3. Thanks! I really dig her style and I'm just blown away in how she is able(in my opinion anyway)to show the strength in the women she paints and also have this vunerability that peeks through in thier gaze gaze or posture. Amazing.