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February 18, 2011

Am I The Only Person Who Remembers These?

I have been fiending... fiending beyond belief for a Choco-Dile. These little buddies were my favorite snacks as a kid. C'mon.... a Twinkie that is completely covered in chocolate? How could you go wrong there? Plus, these were real Twinkies under that chocolately goodness. Not some bullshit VERSION of the Twinkie, but a real Twinkie. Those are great enough on there own. But add chocolate? Heaven... pure heaven.

 I remember the the sold in bodega's and deli's in my neighborhood for a quarter a piece. They were right in my price range, and they were delicious. God, I must have eaten 3 of these a day. Now Hostess doesn't sell them in stores anymore!!!! And whenever I talk to somebody about these, they disavow all knowledge of them existing as if they are top secret government documents. Nobody remembers these... WTF???

Not to mention the cool-ass crocodile Chauncey that Hostess used to use to promote the brand. Look at this magnificent son of a bitch:

***This one just in. Our friend Rob Martin sent us this link (click here) were you can order these puppies. They are a bit more expensive (17.99 for 20, 23.99 for 30, 29.99 for 40), but ordering 20 will hook you up with a true awesome snacking experience. Make it happen.... Thanks for the tip Rob!!!

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