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January 20, 2011

So We Got Catwoman & Bane... Here Are My 5 Reasons Why This Can Be Great

Very Catwoman-esque.... no?

This is Hardy before and after Bronson... dude can get jacked for a role!

So Ann Hathaway is going to be Catwoman & Tom Hardy is gong to be Bane in Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises'... and the Internet has been all a buzz about this. But this is CCD, and we are not just going to give you the same old story you are seeing on every other site. Instead of the typical "good or not good casting" bullshit, I am going tell you my 5 reasons why this is truly a good thing. Here we go:
  1. Both of these guys are great actors - This should not be a throw in, it should be the most important requirement. Yeah, their are a ton of hot chicks who could wear the cat costume or muscle bound steroid freaks to be Bane 'the Bat Breaker'... but isn't better to get two actors who can pull the part off "physically" and also be able to give a great performance? It's not like Hathaway isn't smoking hot... and Hardy bulked up big time for Bronson (see the picture of him). This is the right move. I expect nothing less from Nolan.
  2. Both stars are bankable and on the rise - Hathaway is on fire with the critics raving about her latest flick 'Love and Other Drugs' and was an Oscar darling a few years back with 'Rachel Getting Married'. She has been associated with tons of big budget flicks and arthouse indies... and she always seems to come out right side up. Hardy has been better and better in every successive movie he has made. 'Layer Cake', 'Rock n Rolla', 'Bronson'.... and then he completely stole 'Inception' from Leo DeCaprio & Joseph Gordon Levitt when he got onto the screen in the second half of the film. The dude is on fire... with the impeccable reps and media love these guys got, you couldn't ask for a better one two punch.
  3. Catwoman and Bane work well in the Nolan-verse - Nolan has made it his business to make the Batman universe that he creates real... as real as you can make a movie about a guy who dresses like a bat. Ra's Al Ghul was not the constantly regenerating comic character in Nolan's world... he made him practical. Scarecrow was a psychologist that wore a potato sack mask... Ledger's Joker had the painted face and the purple suit, but that's all the goofiness Nolan would allow. Nolan's Joker was much more brutal (like Alan Moore's Joker) and cold blooded. Hathaway's Catwoman needs to be much more hi-tech burglar and gymnast instead of the Cat-Lady that Halle Berry portrayed. Hardy's Bane needs to be less goofy and muscles & more sinister and brooding the way his character is in the comics. This is the guy who hatched the plan that almost killed the Batman and left Bruce Wayne with a broken back... he is not a mental slouch. Hardy should kill this part.
  4. These two are not so hard to look at - Hardy is a dreamboat of an actor (at least that what my chick friends tell me) and Hathaway is beautiful. These two are not hard to look at... not by a long shot. They are both pretty faces that can back it up with good chops, but at the end of the day no matter how good they can act you can't portray looks. These two got that... and that's important for these characters especially Catwoman. She needs to be seductive and appealing, sexy and confident.... it can't be any other way.
  5. There is no real reason why these two villains should be together - This can not be an adaption of 'Hush', nor 'The Long Halloween', nor 'Knightfall', nor any of the other Batman stories that were rumored to be the source material of Nolan's third flick. Catwoman and Bane never really had a storyline together... at least not that I could remember. Could it be that Nolan will take small pieces of each of these wonderful Bat stories and give it his own unique spin? Yup, probably... and these two total opposite types of villains will play out wonderfully.... bet that.
So what do you think? Are Hathaway and Hardy a good fit for the roles of Catwoman and Bane? tell us in the comment section below.


  1. I remember there was quite some time where there was not going to be another Batman in this series. So far this is great news! I can't wait!

  2. I'm all for this! Not only do I agree with you on the two chosen for the roles...I am impressed that Nolan decided to bring these two villains together in one film. They don't come to mind as the first two I would lump together but, I'm excited to see him try.

    Anne Hathaway was sexy as all hell in 'Sex, Love & Other Drugs', for me, even besting the Portman/Kunis scenes in 'Black Swan' last year...not that these two films are to be compared in any way. (Go see them both if you haven't already)

    Tom Hardy was my pick for'Male Actor of the Year' beating out RDJ by a hair. Anyone who hasn't seen 'Bronson' yet is just wasting their time with all the other films they're watching in it's place.

    Let's do this!

  3. Excellent all around. IMO Anne Hathaway is one of the most attractive actresses in Hollywood, so she's good there. I think she can play sultry well, too, and she's definitely got acting chops. Hardy was tied with JGV for the best thing about Inception for me, so I'm obviously looking forward to his portrayal of Bane (plus, judging by how he looked in Bronson, he really can look the part).

  4. JGL*, sorry (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

  5. I am not interested in seeing either of those characters in the next, or any, Batman film. But, I guess now I got no choice. I'll trust that Chris Nolan knows what he's doing. Bane? C'mon.