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January 4, 2011

Sayonara Mr Kobayashi

Even though Pete Postlethwaite was a character actor who was in a millon movies, most people are like "who the hell is Pete Postlewaite???". Then you let them know that he played Kaiser Sose's lawyer Mr Kobayashi in The Usual Suspects, and the person is like "OH YEAH, THAT GUY!!!! I LOVE THAT GUY!!!!". Postlethwaite is one of those magnificient actors that makes everything he was in better. His films span everything from super serious (In The Name Of The Father) to action (Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World). He has recently made two excellent appearences in remakes of The Omen & Clash of the Titans, both of which were probably the best performances in those particular films. He was also in The Town, which I heard was wonderful but have not had the chance to see as of yet. Unfortunately, Mr P lost his fight with cancer at age 64. He will be missed. Sayonara Mr Kobayashi... thanks for all the memories.


  1. This was one celebrity death that I had a gut reaction to the moment I saw it. Everyone loved this guy and for good reason. I was iffy about 'The Town' but the second I saw him on the screen I settled back because I knew that everything would be alright. We lost huge on this one people.

  2. How big a gyp is it that You Tube doesn't have the clip from the 'Usual Suspects' were he first meets the boys. I hope someone puts it up soon because that is the clip I want to post as the best representation of his work. That character had ice water in his viens and Pete played him to perfection. THAT is supporting actor Oscar bait. His lose is still affecting me.

  3. Kal, I can not believe that in this day & age there are people who have not seen The Usual Suspects. It is one of the most perfect movies ever made, and the cast should be what is used to describe the word "Ensemble Cast". Del Torro & Byrne are amazing, Kevin Spacey iis magical, Chazz Palmetteri is a god, and you got love Mr. Pete as Kobayashi... plus a batshit crazy Stephen Baldwin. Great flick.... you will be missed sir!!!!!!!!!