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January 6, 2011

Proof That There Is A God: Alison Lohman Edition

No Words... Just Thanks!!!


  1. I'd love to fuck every hole on her body cunt, ass, mouth, ears, eyes, nose, even between her tits and toes she's such a cutie

  2. Wow.... tell us how your really feel Anonymous... good lord! Jeff, are you posting under a pseudonym again? Or is that Tommy? Wow....

  3. WTF? Alison Lohman is a beautial woman. You guys need to get a life & stop posting nasty comments about this innocent woman. She reprisents purity, beauty, & Love. She's by far the best actress of all time. You scrubs could never have her. Maybe if u stopped viewing life so negatively you would realise that love is better than sex. God awful ppl

  4. Just a note to Anonymous commentator #2... some other anonymous asshole wrote the above comments. Then I abused him a bit... The whole post is titled "Proof That There Is A God..." which basically is me thanking the lord for these beautiful actresses who I think are extremely talented and great to look at. Don't tell me to get a life... I'm honoring the young Ms. Lohman, not disrespecting her.

    Oh yeah, and I put my name on things when I speak. Try being real for a change...