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January 17, 2011

'Prometheus Device' Creator Is A Real Life Pyro

Thanks to 'Geek Time', a program for nerds like us on one of Howard Stern's Sirius/XM Radio stations 'Howard 101', I caught them discussing this dude Everett Bradford whom the show deemed it's 'Geek of the Week'. After listening in I had to check his Youtube clip out and give him a shout out. You see, Everett has created his own wrist-activated flamethrower that can be manipulated by hand and wrist pressure similar to how Spider-Man's web shooters work. After some web research, I found out that the website,, sat down with him for a 1-on-1, in depth, interview a little while back and that the 'Prometheus Device', as it is now being called, is actually in it's third incarnation. An Engineering student, Bradford has been updating it little by little over the past 3 years and is apparently still making changes. Check out Everett's demonstration below and jump over to Nerd Reactor for the full interview....and if you see a guy dressed as Marvel's 'Pyro' walking down the street with flames ejaculating from his might want to turn and head in the opposite direction.


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  1. That is cool and monstrously unsafe all at the same time. I always wondered how much damage a person would do to THEMSELVES with fire or blades coming out of their I think I know. I also wonder how many newbies kill themselves in Jedi school. Those lightsabers are not toys, ya know?