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January 19, 2011

If The Mother's Day Remake Is Anything Like The Original, You Better Not Miss It

One of the greatest gross out movies of all time would have to be Troma's 'Mothers Day'... its an exercise of debauchery and disgusting on all types of levels that should never be witnessed by the human eye. It is an insane story about a mother and her two animalistic sons who rape and torture a group of girls... all this for the amusement of the mom!!! Yup, pretty sick shit. You can watch the original on Netflix Instant Streaming... if you are not to scared (or smart).

Well, here comes Darren Lynn Bousman, director of 'Saw II', 'II', 'IV' and 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' (which is also on Netflix Instant... watch that to!) with his version of the disturbed Mother's Day tale. It will not be exactly like the original (thank god!), but it is sure to do the job for some sick scenes and a good scare. Rebecca DeMornay and Jaime King will provide plenty of sexy targets for the rapey brothers to lust after... so this one should be quite fun. Here is the trailer... hope you enjoy!

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