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January 4, 2011

As If It Wasn't Bad Enough Already....

Superman 4: The Quest For Peace is one of the worst movies ever made. Ever. EVER EVER. In comparison, I would gladly watch Garfield, Yogi Bear, Marmaduke or any of the other CGI shitstorm remakes instead of subjecting myself to it again. But since I am a good dad and my son is a geek in training, I was forced to sit through all four of the Reeves Superman films this past weekend as per his request. Yup, even part 4. My eyes are still recovering. I have owned the 4 film box set for quite a few years, but I have never, ever, ever previously mustered the courage to sit through Superman 4. Now I know why. Just check out this battle that Supes has with his foe the Nuclear Man (who was completely made up. No reason to use one of the 150 or so villians from the comic books... lets just make up this yutz):

As if the battle with Nuclear Man wasn't damning enough, apparently there are some deleted scenes of Superman fighting a earlier version of the Nuclear Man. This douche is actually a spin on the Bizzarro character from the comics. Nice try, but even worse...

All in all, I shared this with you for one reason only. Stop bitching about the Star Wars Prequels and whether or not Iron Man 2 was as good as the original. Just thank god for those movies and things like The Dark Knight... it could be worse. It could be Superman 4: The Quest For Peace all over again.... AghhhHhhh!!!! My Eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love the freezing of Superman in space and how the cop is not concerned about the lava flowing down the street. Wait, what?

  2. Joe, I can honestly say that I did not remember how bad this movie was. The US Army should use this in place of the recently abadoned "water boarding" practice to torture terrorists. It is so bad.... I actually made Mikey watch Empire Strikes Back after just to re-shape his young nerd mind. Cant have him going to bed with that shitty movie being the last thing he saw... lol

  3. I was holding out hope for this movie, even while watching it...until it got to the scene where Lex Luthor gets Superman's DNA. "Look, a strand of Superman's hair! It's strong enough to suspend a 1000 pound weight! Hand me those standard wire cutters!" Oy....