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December 14, 2010

These Two Tentpole Movies Are Shaping Up Nicely...

In the last few days, we have seen the trailers for two of next years most geek related movies. First, we had 'Thor', and now we have 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides'. Both looked really good, and despite the fact that we got a long time to wait, and many films coming out before them, I can't help but be super intrigued by them. Here are a few things I liked about each of them.

First, we have The Mighty Thor:

My Thoughts:
  1. I love Agent Coulson. He is starting to shape up as a bad ass agent. I am looking forward to him being an integral part of The Avengers Initiative.
  2. Asgard looks fantastic... just spectacular.
  3. All the armor and helmets look comic book accurate, but not overly ridiculous. Thor's helmet scared that shit out of me... I thought for sure he was gonna look like a dick with a metal helmet and duck wings with feathers on the sides. Definitely not the case.
  4. Chris Hemsworth is Thor...'nuff said. Better yet, Thor is playing an actor named Chris Hemsworth on Earth right now.
  5. The Frost Giants, The Destroyer Armor, and Loki look fucking amazing. Villains tend to be these comic book adaptations downfall... and this does not look likely here.
Next, 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'

And now, my thoughts:
  1. Captain Jack Sparrow as a prisoner. My favorite scenes from this series always come when Jack is in the capture of someone... and he finds a way to worm out of it.
  2. Penelope Cruz... damn son!!!!
  3. Blackbeard aka Ian McShane. I was not a huge fan of Deadwood (I know, I know... I am the ONLY one in the world who didn't like it) but I definitely loved every scene McShane was in. He is gangster... and now he will bring that wickedness to the high seas.
  4. Dropping Keira Knightley & Orlando Bloom. Those two had a great storyline through three movies, but that was enough. If Disney is going back to the well for a 4th, 5th and 6th film (that's the rumor), then its good they chose to gravitate away from that completed storyline. Maybe Bloom can make a cameo as the captain of  The Flying Dutchman.
  5. Mermaids, Zombies and action... oh my!!! These twists look great. Bring it on!!!
So, there you go. We'll see how it goes next year. Are you guys excited to see these films? Why? Tell us in the comment section below!!!


  1. I always get SUPER excited when I see a trailer for a new installment of 'Pirates...' but the last film was TOO jam packed for me. It was as packed as this new trailer. Too many characters and villains was a bit of an over kill last time. I loves the Asian villains in the opening sequence but I wished they were more of the antagonists for the whole film instead of revisiting ALL the villains from the first two. I hope they don't try to pack a lot of those villains into this latest installment again. It becomes WAY to crowded in there.

    As for 'Thor'I have very low expectations going in. I was never very interested in this character. He's kind of the Superman on Marvel in that he's more god than man and I really hope he doesn't screw up the mortal world of the 'Avengers'. Just as I wouldn't want Superman screwing up the gritty and realistic plot of the Batman films by having their world collide, I'm almost as weary when Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man's worlds are about to collide with that of the Mighty Thor.

    Fingers are crossed. Trailer looks good. my favorite sequence in there was Thor and Loki going at it.

  2. Jeff,

    Don't be concerned... Thor is nothing like Superman. He is not a bitch at all (lol... I am not a huge Superman fan...). Just take solace in the fact that The Avengers has worked as a comic for 40-50+ years by balancing magic with reality, gods with mortals, and the amazing vs the practical. They will find the balance. Trust.