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December 9, 2010

No Ordinary Family Honors Its "Incredibles" Roots...

The Incredibles... the family

I am a huge fan of Abc's No Ordinary Family, and I am also a huge fan of Pixar's The Incredibles. There is no denying that there are similarities between the two, but this is a perfect example of what I think more producers/directors should do. Instead of remaking/rebooting something, they should just do ANOTHER show/movie with a similar premise that is its own phenomenon. The new Clash of the Titans movie was nothing like the original Clash of the Titans movie. All they shared was a title and The Kraken. So in reality, that remake was not a remake at all. So if the would have just called it "War of the Gods" or something like that, they could have avoided the uneasy feelings that were associated with the remake. This is exactly what No Ordinary Family does.

No Ordinary Family... the family

So instead of making an Incredibles TV show, or remaking an already quality movie, the producers took some of the elements that made it great (a Superhero family, dealing with new powers in regular society) and then adapted  those great features into its own entity. I really love the show. Its amazing. Julie Benz is gorgeous, and Michael Chilkis is great as well. The supporting cast is also wonderful, and they do a good job of making the show great. Season 1 is moving along swimmingly, and more people out there should look to N.O.F. for an example on how to pay an homage correctly.

No Ordinary Incredibles....

In order to pay respects to how great The Incredibles & No Ordinary Family are, Starwordsman made a Youtube mashup of the two. He took the audio of the beginning of No Ordinary Family and put it over clips of The Incredibles... the outcome is very cool. If you are not watching No Ordinary Family, you should be... make it happen. And if you have not seen The Incredibles... what the fuck are you still doing here? Go watch it... enjoy the video!!!

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