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December 11, 2010

Joe Koch Comics Warehouse Is At It Again... Can You Say Christmas Sale?

The guys at Joe Koch are at it again... and whenever they do something, they go big!!! Join the wonderful guys over at Joe Koch's Comic Warehouse for there monthly warehouse sale. They got comics, toys, comics, vintage posters, comics, magazines, comics... are you guys getting the point? With over a million comics, tons of stuff that is only a buck, and the fact that they are trying to clear out as much stuff from the warehouse before the new year, you can definetly find some gifts for the geeky freind or family member you have to buy Xmas gifts. Click here to get directions and see the flyer for todays event... the sale is December 11th-12th, so make it happen. Tell em CCD sent you!!!

P.S.- Also, if you spend 100 bucks, they give you 20 bucks in free items... honestly, this place is great!!!!


  1. Do you have to go physically to the store or does he have a website. I am just dying not being able to go there. This just hits me where I live.

  2. I believe you can view his literally thousands of ebay auctions by clicking the above link and finding the links on his page, but it will pale in comparison to digging through the 1,000,000 + comics on hand at the warehouse... U should come to NY Cal, Ill get you a private appointment with my boy Peter (Whatup Peter!!!!)

  3. Went there last night...I got some pretty cool stuff, including New Teen Titans #1 and the Doom Patrol with the first appearance of ANIMAL VITAMIN MINERAL MAN. The most powerful being ever...I'll maybe do a spotlight on him and his wackiness...