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December 7, 2010

Comic Hottie Of The Day: Starfire by James West

Hey guys, here’s another comic book theme article…I’m chock fulla them! Enjoy! Our first heroine is…STARFIRE!

First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26
Created by: Marv Wolfman and George Perez
Real Name: Koriand’r

Notable Relationships: Dated Dick Grayson for essentially forever, but is now in that “Over him (Not really) but it’s still awkward if we see each other” phase. Currently friendly with Animal Man ever since the events of 52, but I think it’s harmless/comedic, since Animal Man is married with kids, and Starfire likes sunbathing nude at his house…to the chagrin of his wife and supreme happiness of his young boys.


  1. I like the new article. These should be fun!

    Nice work Mr West!

  2. This is the chick from 'Teen Titans', yes? I think this is the first comic superhero I recall being EXTREMELY attracted to as a kid. That strange skin tone..the pupil-less eyes. Yowza!

    OK, there's probably something clinically wrong with me.

    Great new article idea though, James. KEEP THESE COMING!

  3. Hahah, well these are fun for me to do, too! George Perez really knocked it out of the park with his Starfire design. Her costume is still essentially exactly the same, and, on top of being extremely attractive (if there's something wrong with you, Jeff, there's something wrong with me too), her character has actually gone through tremendous growth in past years. I will be mulling over the next one to do! There's so many options!

  4. Starfire is fukin hot! If she were real,I'd never let her out of my arms and have sex with her all day and night. She makes my dick hard.

  5. That's kinda shitty tho, what they pulled making her amnesiac and turned completely away from some of her core Tamaranian values, like hvaing sex without love. Did she not mention years ago with Dick that on her planet they took "making love" seriously. What's this about shagging both her teammates in New 52?