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November 16, 2010

What The World Needs Now...

... is another Muppet movie. ASAP. And thanks to Mr. Forgetting Sarah Marshall himself (Jason Segal), we are slowly moving towards that goal. The new Muppet movie is going to be epic, and it couldn't come at a better time. Children's movies have moved into an era where they serve a dual purpose: 1) Entertain the kiddies & 2) Keep the parents entertained. Parents buy tickets, and Pixar has proven that if they are done correctly kiddie flicks can get the adults to laugh and cry as well (watch the last 20 minutes of Toy Story 3 or the first 20 minutes of Up and tell me you weren't bawling like a baby... if you didn't cry you are heartless!!!). Megamind just completed its second week on top of the charts, beating out new movies by Denzel & Harrison Ford. Family fare is better then ever, and we owe it to....

*****Please click Read more below for more on the upcoming Muppet movie*****

.... the Muppets!!! The Muppets were one of the first times that children type characters (in this case the puppets) were interwoven with adult themes (crime in The Great Muppet Caper, space travel in Muppets In Space, etc) and prominent actors and actresses shared the screen with them in some adult type situations. The Muppet Show was a prime time hit that appealed to adults and kids alike and holds a special place near and dear in my childhood memories. Maybe that's why I am looking so forward to self proclaimed "Muppet freak" himself Segal to take a shot at making this new film. It takes place in the current setting where the puppets like the Muppets are forgotten and computer animation is on the rise. They live and operate a studio, Muppet Studio, that is a throwback to a time when the Muppets were the biggest show on earth. Now they have fallen on hard times (as you can see in the pics) and a little boy/puppet named Walter (Paul Rudd) wants to bring back the good old days of Muppets riding high. There will be Segal, Rudd, Amy Adams, and a host of celebrity cameos filling up the 90 minutes of sure to be hilarious hi-jinx. The exterior shots were taken at the La Brea based Henson Studios, which has been turned into the downtrodden Muppet Studios. Check out these first set photos and see if you start to get that tingle like I did. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS ONE!!! The movie will be out Christmas 2011. Are you excited? Tell us in the comment section below. Thanks to /Film for the pics.

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