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November 4, 2010

Throwback Thursday - 11/4/2010 - South Florida Hip Hop Edition

Miami Skyline... looking fine!!!

I spent quite a few years living down in the South Florida area, and although I was always trying to get home to NYC... well, lets just say looking back I got some really fond memories of the time I spent there. Whether it was learning the ropes from James Grier and the boys over at Dillard High (School of Hard Knocks!!!), chilling with Tony, Rich & Vic at South Broward lunch times, or living with my man Nunz during my sophmore year of college... damn, there were some good memories. What about all the nights on South Beach and Tootsies wth Ray Ray, Sam, and my man Nicky Sea??? Not to mention all the years I got to spend with my lovely sister Oona (R.I.P. Odie!!!) or the birth of my son Mikey (Daddy loves you monkey!!!)... good times, thats for sure! So in honor of those great times, I figured I would give all the rest of you guys who didn't live down bottom a peek at the best South Florida rap has to offer. I hope you enjoy!!!!

Trick Daddy ft Tre +, Trina & Deuce Poppi - Take It To The House

Trick Daddy ft. Trina - Nann Nigga

Society - Yes n Deed (Unreal fucking song!!!)

Iconz ft. Lil Kim - Get Fucked Up (Remix)

JT Money ft Sole - Who Dat???

Sole ft. JT Money & Kandi - 4,5,6

Trick Daddy - I'm A Thug (This ones for you sis... god I miss you everytime I hear this!!!)

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