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November 10, 2010

Check Out Spike TV's "30 Seconds Of A Hot Chick" Video Clips... Wowsers!

Thanks to the wonderful Tommy for finding these beauties doing beautiful stuff over at the Spike TV webpage. Basically, you got an unbelievably hot chick participating in a everyday physical act, yet doing it wearing next to nothing and very sexual in nature. GOOD GOD!!! These chicks are super talented, and not for nothing, but I truly believe that the guys over at Spike TV's webpage need a medal of some sort to commend them for such an excellent idea. Check out this one, "30 Second of a Hot Chick- Sucks" here and then click Read more below to see a few more. Great find Tommy. Which one do you guys like the best? Tell us in the comment section below.

*****Please click Read more below to see more "30 Second of a Hot Chick" Clips*****

Putting on thigh high stockings:

Doing the dishes:

Checking out a Roman Column:

Making a Sandwhich:


They are all so good... check em all out by clicking here!!!!


  1. I'm so torn.

    My favorite act might be a hot slut putting on thigh highs. Yet I find the one holding that column up to be the most attractive. Than again that blond doing my dishes is so cute and tiny and the Asian is so..Asian and the black girl is so cocoa-licious!

    Aight aight....column dancer!

    but if she put on thigh highs and did my dishes than she'd be the clear winner.

  2. To quote the wise Jay of the duo Jay & Silent Bob:

    "Whatup Girls.... whatup sluts!!!!!"