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November 1, 2010

All Your Favorite 80's Toys In One...

80's Toy Mashup by Keith Moore

Check out this marvelous design by Keith Moore over at Threadless. This design takes all the wonderful aspects of our favorite 80's toys and mashes up, Mr Potato Head style. You got some GI Joe arms (and guns!) Smurf legs, skin and hat, the famous (or infamous) fur bikini and metal arm bracelet & belt of He-Man, and Optimus Primes head and chestplate. You know what I like the best about it??? Got to be the fact that Keith used Mer Man's sword instead of He-man's. Yeah, I caught that... god, I'm such a geek. Anyway, you can still vote on whether or not this design will become a shirt. Just click here, sign in, and rate it!!! I hope to be adding this one to my collection soon.

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