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November 25, 2010

5 Things I Am Thankful For: Kate Jones Edition

Since today is Thanksgiving, I decided to have some of CCD's closest friends & contributors share the 5 things in their lives that they are truely thankful for... not family, or boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses etc.... the real stuff they need to keep them going. With no further ado, I present my favorite sister in law ever, Kate Jones's 5 Things I Am Thankful For!!!

5) my Droid... it's magical

4) DVR... completely necessary with my busy schedule.

3) iPod... when the Droid is out of 3g service.

2) nook... I love being able to read whatever whenever

1) Harry Potter... the Boy Who Lived singlehandedly changed my life.


  1. We're nothing without our DVR's these days. Do you even remember what life was like when we had to decide between staying in for a favorite show, or going out with friends?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Rich. Enjoy the day.

    And let's get you at another show to recap weekly in True Blood's hiatus. I miss your insightful walk-throughs.

  2. Kate...there will be epic Harry Potter discussions today. I imagine it being the number one topic at the table.

  3. I'm said I wasn't a fly on the wall for the epic Harry Potter discussion. I'd ask you to fill me in but, maybe I should wait until after the final film since I don't know how the rest of this plays out yet.