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November 24, 2010

2010 GQ Babe Of The Year... What A Gip!!!

I just recieved the person who lived in my new apartment before me copy of GQ magazine, and lo & behold Scarlett Johansson is on the cover. She is the 2010 GQ Babe of the Year. Good god... so then I begin to flip through the massive 400+ pages of the mag (what the fuck is all this shit?) and then I get to page 304. Thank you GQ. Then I flip one page, get a second excellent shot.... and thats it. Wait... what? 2 measely pictures for the Babe of the Year? Thats a gip GQ... So here they are, plus the cover. Hope you enjoy. But don't buy the issue, cause this is it.


  1. You should probably post some older scantily clad photos of 'Scar-Jo' to make up for GQ's lack of effort.

    That's usually a great mag though..the articles are great. The style guy editorial is the bomb.