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November 12, 2010

10 Movie Poster In Memoriam Of Dino De Laurentiis

Yesterday Hollywood lost a titan of the film industry when super producer Dino De Laurentiis passed away at age 91. He had a long and prosperous career, bringing many great films (both foreign & domestic) to the screen in his storied career. He won the Best Foreign Picture Oscar for producing La Strada way back in 1954, and then brought his talents over to America in 1976 to start the De Laurentiis Entertainment Group & movie studio in Willmington, North Carolina. He produced a few films (more like hundreds) that launched many a stars careers, like Pacino in Serpico back in 1973, Jeff Bridges in the 1976 version of King Kong & The Governator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Conan movies.

In honor of the great man who has brought so many lovely films to life, I decided to feature the posters from my Top 10 favorite De Laurentiis produced films. Hope you enjoy the. Please click here to see De Laurentiis's IMDB page and post your favorite De Laurentiis movie in the comment section below. The posters will appear after the jump. R.I.P. Dino... maybe now you will take some time for yourself and stop working so hard!!! Thanks for the memories.

*****Please click Read more below to see my Top 10 De Laurentiis movie posters*****

#10- Hannibal

#9 - Barbarella

#8- Death Wish

#7- Serpico

#6- Once Upon A Crime

#5- The Dead Zone

#4- The Brink's Job

#3- The Valachi Papers

#2- Cat's Eye

#1- Army of Darkness
Now tell us your favorites in te comments section.... now please!!!


  1. Flash Gordon? Conan! Dune! Silver Billet...ORCA!?

    Not to mention a recent personal favorite of mine 'Danger: Diabolik'
    If anyone's missed that one I HIGHLY recommend it.
    An insurmountable loss.

  2. Barbarella & Cat's Eye two of my favorites.