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October 28, 2010

Who Wants Some Special Edition Saw 3-D Glasses???

Oooohh, I do, I do!!! If you attend Saw 3-D on opening night October 28th, you will receive a special pair of 3-D glasses that will say "I Saw It First 10.28.10" on the side!!! That's just another reason for you to go out and support the highest grossing horror franchises final installment. Also, check out this cool piece of viral marketing: A blog written by survivors of Jigsaw!!! Click here to check it out! Do you guys plan on seeing Saw 3-D? Does Jigsaw & the gang have enough to knock Paranormal Activity 2 out of the top box office spot? Please leave some feedback and comments below. Go see Saw 3-D Tonight!!!!!!!


  1. I wish I caught up on the other Saws before the release of the latest installment...I'm so far behind.

    Paranormal Activity 2 kicked ass but, I'm guessing it won't fair very well against this corporate mainstay.

  2. I disagree JB... Saw changed its release date, which it has been occupying and killing for the last 6 years, so it wouldnt have to compete with P.A. 2... They were shook. We shall see. P.A. 2 had biggest opening for a horror movie... ever!