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October 6, 2010

Who Is The Guy In All Those Costumes & Makeup??? Oh, Thats Just Doug Jones!!!

Abe Sapien. The Faun. The Pale Man. The Silver Surfer... if you have ever seen these characters on the big screen in their respective movies (Hellboy I & II, Pan's Labyrinth, Fantastic Four 2:Rise of the Silver Surfer) than you have seen Doug Jones in action, even if you didn't know it. Under all that makeup and digital effects lies the man who truly brings those characters to life... and frankly, the actor that makes those movies as great as they are. Jones steals everything he is in, and its a combination of his sweepingly graceful body motions and ability to bring humanity through layers of latex & paint. The dude is just a beast, and he is the best at what he does.

I had the pleasure of meeting Doug at the 2010 Big Apple Comic Con last week. When it comes to celebrities, Jones is really a breath of fresh air. He is so nice, and caring when he speaks to you. When Tommy & I came up to his table and asked him for an interview, he damn near hurdled the table to get in front of the camera for us. No begging or pleading necessary... he was more then happy to oblige. Also, let me be clear, it was not because no one was coming up to his table. He was constantly getting visits from fans, as you will see in our video clip (a fan bum rushes our interview for like 2 minutes... hysterical). Listen to Doug's thoughts on playing characters in makeup, bringing the Silver Surfer to life, recommending lines to the director that disn't get into the FF film, what kind of comics he read as a kid, whether or not he will appear in Guillermo del Torro's anticipated Lovercraftian opus "At The Mountains of Madness", and much more. We chatted with Doug for quite a bit, and here are the videos to prove it. Watch for yourself:

So, Doug has tons of stuff on the horizon. Make sure you pre-order a copy of My Name Is Jerry (click here), check out Carnies, and Pretend Time on Comedy Central. Also make sure you have seen Hellboy I & II and the animated Hellboy Films, Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Pan's Labyrinth. Thanks for all the love Mr. Jones... we wish you all the best!!!

Monster Faces with the man himself, Doug Jones
P.S.- On a side note, I brought my son Mikey to the con the next day and Doug was unbelievable towards him. He came around the table, hugged him, took pictures, and even gave us some autographed pictures for nothing!!! He signed Mikey's Silver Surfer picture "Listen to the hero in your heart" and he signed my photo of the infamous Hellboy 2 "Drunk Karaoke" scene "You know I can't smile without Mike". I can not wait to get Ron Pearlman's signature on that pic to complete the piece!!! Very cool dude. Thanks for all the love!!!!


  1. He was a really, really nice guy. Funny and gracious and generous.

  2. I just saw the gay robot skit on Nick Swanson's Pretend Time. Awesome!

    Nice work on the interviews so far guys. Keep it up!