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October 15, 2010

This Is The Kind Of Non-Sensical Video I Would Shoot If I Was A Rock Star

I just watched the MTV premiere of My Chemical Romance's new video "Na Na Na"... and I am speechless for a few reasons. #1 - I had no idea MTV still showed videos for songs. I mean, its called Music Television... why the fuck would they actually show music videos??? That's just crazy. #2 - While I am not a huge fan of their work, the dudes from MCR usually come correct with their videos. This was no exception. Not a huge fan of the song, but the video was kinda crazy. Which brings me to #3 - If I was a rock star, I would make ridiculously crazy videos like this one, every time out the box. I know some people will be like "This shit doesn't make any sense..." to which my answer would be "Yup... it don't make sense... now fuck off while I bang this hot model while I wear this Sonic the Hedgehog helmet I just rocked in my crazy ass video... what!!!!". Anyway, check this Mad Max-ish/stylized/post apocalyptic video out and remember: It's just Rock n Roll... its not supposed to make sense!!!!

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