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October 29, 2010

My 3 Favorite Scary Movies Of All Time: Mike D. Edition

Ever since that scene in Scream where Ghostface asks Ms Barrymore that same question people have been asking each other it with regularity. Actually, I'm pretty sure they have been asking each other that since the beginning of film itself. Scary movies are just so easy to talk about... and so easy to form an opinion of. For many reasons they are the genre of movies that you can point to and say "Yup, these are the ones I LOVE!!!" In honor of CCD's 1st annual All Horror Week, we decided to highlight some of our contributors and friends 3 favorite scary/horror movies of all time. These may not be the best, but they are each person's FAVORITE, so these lists should be quite fun. Here we go!

"It's The Drunk Monk with a Quart of Balantine..."
I've been writing these blurb paragraphs all week about the great group of people we got here at CCD who commented on their 3 favorite scary movies. Now its time for my picks... damn, I wish somebody could write this intro for me. Anyways, I am the creator of CCD and I am an absolute horror fanatic. When I was a kid, my mom owned a flower shop. On the same block was a video store. She would give them a free arrangement once a week, in return I was allowed to rent a movie a day. So I used to rush home and rent a horror movie, and run to watch it before anybody got home from work. I watched so many horror flicks it hurts my head. Thats when I got hooked. So here are the 3 scary movies that I love the best:

Evil Dead 2 (1987) - There are two reasons why I love this movie (and the franchise so much.) Number 1: Sam Raimi and the cast never take themselves to serious. They make you smile, while in the next scene they make you scream. It's like a bigger budgeted version of the first one (which was made on the cheap). I love the chainsaw scenes, and all the basement locking that takes place puts a smile on my mug. Number 2: I loved, loved, loved the box cover art above!!! That skull stuck with me for my whole childhood. Once I got a shot at seeing some horror flicks, I was renting this one quite regularly. I thoroughly recommend this one!!!!

Suspria - (1977) - I remember the first time I watched Suspiria. I had gotten my aforementioned 1 movie rental one day (this one recommended by the counter guy), and after I popped it into my VCR, I sat down and was not really to optomstic about it. Then the hanging scene (above) came on, and I almost choked on my popcorn... WTF was this??? The colors were so bright and vivid, the POV of the killer that has become Argento's trademark, and the total brutality of the kills (another Argento trademark) had me hooked. After it was done, the next day I confronted the counter guy and begged him for more... did this guy Argento make any other movies? He hit me off with a few more titles, and my life as a Argento fanboy was set in motion. Every top 10, 50 or 100 horror movie list I have ever seen has this in the top 5. There is a reason for that. Amazing... just amazing. 

Bloodsuckng Freaks (1976) - Good. Fucking. God. Why is this my all time favorite scary movie, ever? Let me briefly explain: Midget henchman? Check. Psychotic hypnotist/magician/sadist? Check. Magic show that is really a snuff show? Check. Blowdarts? Check. Head drilling? Check. Brain being sucked through a straw? Check. Kidnapping & inprisionment of naked women? Check. Woman being used as a dinner table? Check... I can do this all day. Honestly, this is the sickest movie I have ever come across (and I have watched some sick ones, right Jeff, Bri & Taa? Turtle soup It's a amazing precursor to the torture porn of Saw & Hostel by 25 years, the most bloody and violent movie I have ever seen, and its completely unapologetic approach towards violence makes it tough to watch again. I tried recently, and actually turned t off because it made me uncomfortable (despite the fact that I have seen it 100's of times). It's on Netflix Instant... just make sure no kids (or judgemental adults) are around when you induldge. Sick fun. 

*****Honorable Mention*****

I Spit On Your Grave (og version), Creepshow, Tenebre, Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness, and High Tension. 


  1. My ignorance to a certain timespan of horror film releases is matched only by my self-deprecation.

    I'm hear to report that you have made a post with 3 films I've managed to never see. I'll get right on that!

  2. Yeah, cause Tron was really a horror movie dick... lol. Just get that Wii streaming up and running son. You will be all caught up in no time.

    On another note, are you trying to say you have never seen Evil Dead 2? You gotta be kidding me... WTF!!!!!! Handle. Your. Business. Now! Nuff Said...

  3. "Bloodsucking Freaks'... nasty! It's great and repulsive!
    "Evil Dead 2"... a classic! Truly original and creative as all fuck.
    "Suspiria"... has been on Netflix list for awhile now but I still haven't gotten to it. This movie is always talked about not only in horror film circles, but in fancy-ass film critique books and films. A classic, too. I gotta get to it.

  4. You know what Tom... I recommend Suspiria to everyone, and very rarely has anybody ever told me they didnt love it. Sometimes people say they didnt love it, but they always say it looks so beautiful and colorful. You gotta watch that one. You should like it, know your taste.

  5. Suspiria is like a surreal nightmare. Argento's artsy style is obscure for horror.. Which is great! He'll inject music where you wouldn't expect to hear it, leaving the audience sort of in "WTF?!" mode.

  6. I agree Joe... and his stab scenes are sick, no??? Argento is by far my favorite. I enjoy him thoroughly... almost every one of his flciks... except Do You Like Hitchcock. That was trash.

  7. Impressive list, a nice diversity from a different era of old school film making. It shows how impressionable they are when you are young and they set the bar for how you view more modern horror movies today.