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October 7, 2010

Hey Erin Gray... Whatta Ya Say???

Tommy and I had the opportunity to meet the lovely and talented Erin Gray over at the 2010 Big Apple Comic Con... and fellas, the lady is still as gorgeous as ever!!! We chatted with the former Silver Spoons and Buck Rogers star, and she was more then happy to discuss a few things with us on camera for you guys to enjoy. We talked about her career as a super model and the face of Bloomingdales, what it was like working with Rick Schroeder, Alfonso Ribiero, and Jason Bateman on Silver Spoons, and being one of the first woman in the history of Sci-Fi to occupy a lead role in a series, as well as being in Jason Goes To Hell... once you go horror, you never go back!!! We also chatted about her future projects and what she has been up to recently. Check the video out for yourself:

You should stay tuned here on CCD for more news on the web series Buck Rogers Begins, which will be serving as a prequel to the hit show. Also, you can get some more information on her upcoming film "Dreams Awake" by clicking here. It's the first movie to ever shoot on Mt. Shasta, so it should be breathtaking. Erin is a class act, was a pleassure to speak with, and was super nice enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule for us at CCD. We love you Erin!!!