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October 12, 2010

CCD Gets The Scoop On The New Marvel Superhero Squad MMO

While we were walking the floor at the 2010 NYC Comic Con you could not help but notice how Marvel was pushing its Superhero Squad brand to the crowd. The concept behind the Superhero Squad is a more children friendly take on the Marvel Universe mixed in with some off the wall humor and absurd situations that wouldn't occur in the regular Marvel Universe. They have a cartoon (which I find absolutely hysterical!), some great toys (my son has about 300 of 'em) and a cool ass Wii game (one of the most fun Marvel games I ever played)... but know they are taking it to the next level. They have a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game that brings the world of The Superhero Squad to life and ties in with their new card style role playing game they are roling out. Check a look at this video in which I talked to Jason from Marvel and he gives us the scoop on what you can do in The Superhero Squad online universe:

You can log on to the Superhero Squad MMO website by clicking here and sign up for free... get into this, especially if you got some youngins looking for a fun way to pass the time. Also, check out the regular Superhero Sqaud website by clicking here so you can experience online videos, comics, hero profiles and much more. You can also see the cartoon at 7:30 PM every Saturday on Cartoon Network. Superhero Squad son... stand up!!!

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  1. Wow -- an MMO game? I guess a series that's completely geared towards younger kids won't have the huge expectations that come with the teen+ generation of superhero fans. I'm surprised this series has done so well.