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October 14, 2010

Bryan J.L. Glass Presents Large Scale Action On A Very Small Scale

At the recent 2010 NYC Comic Con we had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Bryan J.L. Glass, writer of the Harvey Award winning comic series The Mice Templar, as well as many other titles. Bryan was situated at the Image booth, and upon walking past and seeing him I had to get a conversation with him. Check out the video of the interview:

Bryan was such a breath of fresh air to talk to... he seemed like such a happy dude who was genuinely proud of his project and greatful to meet anyone willing to peruse his table. The next day I actually brought him my copy of the Mice Templar graphic novel and he signed it for me, and he sketched a picture of the series leading character Karic (all this despite the fact that he IS NOT the artist who draws the books). I was so impressed by his rendering that I brought him my father/son sketchbook I am putting together for my son Mikey and he drew me a sick version of Zombie Cat from the Mice Templar Vol 2.2 Destiny pt. 2. Not only did he draw it, it was phenomenal!!! You can get more information about the Mice templar series by checking out the official page by clicking here. You can also check out some of Mr. Glass's other series by checking out his work for Marvel Comics, the Valkyrie one shot (already out) and the new mini series Thor: First Thunder (just hit stores this month), which is a 5 issue mini series that will be retelling the story of Thor's first year on Earth. Think of it as Batman: Year One for the God of Thunder. Also, make sure you pick up The Mice Templar Vol #1: Prophecy, Vol#2.1 Destiny Part 1, Vol#2.2 Destiny Part 2, and the upcoming Vol #3: A Midwinters Nights Dream, which is coming out in December. you can also follow Bryan on Twitter, his username is @BJLG. Thanks for the talks and drawings Bryan... see you again!!!

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