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October 28, 2010

Best Costume Ideas For Halloween (Now This Is How You Do It!)

Wow... just wow. If you are going to wear a costume for a convention, or Halloween, you gotta do it right. While most people epically fail at this, these two got it right. Here is why. (Photos were taken at the 2010 NYC Comic Con)

Best Male Costume: Black Manta (Aquaman Villain, DC Comics)

This guys Black Manta was spot on. Rubber Suit w/ fake abs? Check. Trident? Check. Crazy Huge Helmet made of metal? Check. Robot voice? Check. Sweaty swamp ass at the end of the day? You Betcha!!!! On the other side of the equation, both Aqualad and Catwoman left much less to be praised. In fact, the fact that the Aqualad kid had to walk around in that dicky outfit all day while Black Manta strode proud as the man must have drove him to contemplate suicide. Great Job kid!!!

Slave Leia - Return Of The Jedi - Before you start in with all the "Not another Slave Leia... there are so many of these... blah, blah, blah..." let me point out three things about THIS PARTICULAR Slave Leia:
  1. She is in much better shape then most of the broads who are dressed as Slave Leia... there are some really nice girls who absolutely should never dress as Slave Leia for body type issues. This is a fact. I didn't create the costume, Lucas did. (Guess he got something right... huh Joe Esq?) The person wearing this costume should be relatively fit.
  2. It's very authentic. Looks like it cost a bit. Top looks (and might have been) like real metal, as did the sides of the skirt and front piece. Cheap imitations of this particular costume usually result in an automatic fail no matter how hot the chick is in it.
  3. Two words: NO DRAWS!!! Most girls who wear this outfit usually wear skin colored tights or pantyhose, so despite the fact that the sides of the dress are totally absent their who-ha is not flapping in the wind. I don't know if Carrie Fisher was bare under her costume (it was the 80's) but this young lady certainly is. How do I know? Well, when we were next to her (That's me and Sam in the background) we could see no side evidence of panties and could see that she was not wearing tights or pantyhose. That means nude in my book... hence the high ratings!!!  

Alien Chest Burster On A Baby - (From the Alien movie series)

This is a phenomenal take on the classic chest burster scene from Alien that has been parodied over and over again due to the fact it is timeless (Spaceballs... nuff said!) The fact that it is A) On a baby & B) Coming out of what appears to be a Chicken costume makes it even better. Look at how frightened that kid is... priceless. Thanks to the Great White Snark for that one. Excellent. Parents, it is your responsibility to make sure your kid's costume is on point. Do your fucking job!!!! Please leave some feedback comments below... we love to hear your opinions!