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October 19, 2010

5 Reasons Why Frankie Muniz Is My Hero...

One of my favorite blogs, Unreality Magazine, ran this story a few days ago. I read it, but saw it again and had to re-blog it so you guys could see. Apparently, some anonymous dick on Twitter tried to put child actor Frankie Muniz on blast for being a hack with no talent. Muniz got wind of this, and well... this graphic says it all:

Hahahahahaha.... I love this on so many levels. Here are a few:
  1. I am glad a celeb took a stand against a douche fan who makes random comments to disparage them. I could understand not liking somebody, but at least have a reason. It don't even have to be a good or true reason... just something more then "You suck cause... you suck." Not to mention that Muniz was the shit in Malcolm in the Middle... that show was great!
  2. This dicks Twitter name is iHeartMtnDEW.... Oh yeah, do ya? Really... do ya? What a fucking dick. He is so "Mr. I'm so cool because I got lower case letters and upper case letters mixed up with abbreviations and shout out my favorite soda with symbolic love..." I hope this guy gets plunger fucked by a rogue police officer, or at the very least walks in on his girlfriend banging his brother... better yet, his sister. That might make up for his dick-headed-ness.
  3. This further illustrates my point about how outta control celebrity worship has become. This dude obviously wants to eat Frankie Muniz's sweaty ball sack. Here is my question for Mountain Dew Dick: If he is such a loser, why on you posting things on his Twitter page? Why are you even thinking about a loser like him? Oh yeah... cause you would trade places with him in a minute... or better yet, you would let him bang you for 1/1,000th of his overall wealth. My man Mountain Dew Dick has CCD for real. He is obsessed, Beyonce style son.
  4. I do not believe Muniz is lying about having 40 mil. He probably got even more. I don't understand why people criticize celebs who make a boatload of cash and want to actually enjoy it. Muniz keeps his nose clean, stays out of trouble and never gets arrested. If he is retired... leave him the fuck alone and let hm enjoy his money. I wouldn't even want to start to tell you what my days would look like if I was worth 40 mil. Lets just say it would involve Twinkies, handcuffs, Xmas lights, a waterproofof camcorder, Lizzy Caplan, Zooey Deschanel & Mary Elizabeth Winstead, me being naked all day except for my Jordans, and hunting this Mountain Dew Dickhead a la Surviving The Game. Oh, and Katy Perry singing songs in my living room while wearing a tank top... if Sesame Street don't want her, I'll find a place for her and her amazing bags.
  5. You know Muniz definitely banged Amanda Bynes on the set of Big Fat Liar. If he didn't bang her, he must have finger popped her. I conclude this based on the fact that he was the bigger star of the two, so she probably just dick gobbled him if he showed any interest. And that means a lot to me, since Amanda Bynes can get it now that she is of age... Go Muniz!!

So there you have it. Congrats to Muniz for blazing Sir Mountain DewDick. I just hope the loser killed himself after his secret celeb crush Muniz embarrassed him on Twitter with his mockery. Oh... the small things in life!!! Tell me how you feel about this whole situation in the comment section below. I would love to know your opinions on this...


  1. Muniz also had beef with Shia LeBoeuff, did you hear about that? Another tweet war.