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September 23, 2010

Throwback Thursday - 9/23/2010 - Squeeze Edition

Looking back on my childhood, I have lots of musical memories. One of my favorite groups of all time is Squeeze, the English 70's/80's rock band that was anchored by the singing and songwriting of Glen Tilbrook and Chris Dilford. They were considered to be the best songwriting team of their time, the next Lennon and McCartney. Unfortunately, this would never fully happen since they began to resent each other and parted ways. I was introduced to them by my stepmother Ninfa, who used to constantly play the 1982 album, 45's and Under, constantly. I thought the group was wonderful and all the songs were fantastic, but I did not realize it was a Greatest Hits album!!! No wonder why all the songs were so good. Although they had never recieved all on celeb status here in the states, they are huge in England. Everybody here knows them from their smash hit, "Tempted", but I am including the 5 songs that I love from them the most. Check these guys out... 45's and Under is a definite download for any true 70's/80's rock lovers. 

Tempted (My Stepmom Ninfa's favorite... I think!!!)

Up The Junction (My Favorite!!!)

Black Coffee In Bed (My Dads Favorite!!!) 

Goodbye Girl (My Second Favorite!!!)

Pulling Muscles From A Shell


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