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September 2, 2010

OHC 's Of The Day: Electra & Elise Avellan

Twins? Twins? Are you friggin kiddin... TWINS?!?! Alright, alright, settle down fellas. Its not that type of party. We here at CCD have a bit of self respect, you know what I mean (no we don't). Anyway, todays Obscure Hot Chicks of the day are Electra and Elise Avellan, or as you Tarantino/Rodriguez/Grindhouse fans know them: The Crazy Babysitter Twins!!! They were featured in both films of the dual billed Grindhouse, Planet Terror and Death Proof, and played the same role in each. They were portrayed as a bunch of crazy ass babysitters (hence their nicknames... duh?!?)  and light the screen up with tough talk and gunplay. They are the real life nieces of Robert Rodriguez, and they have just turned 24 years old. The stock on these two baby faced actress is definetly on the rise. They have a great looking horror movie, The Black Waters of Echo Pond, coming soon to movie theaters in the US (it has been released internationally) and that film features a creepy ass trailer and 50's style horror comics posters.

They also have Lifeblood and Not Another Not Movie, which as you can tell is a movie that makes fun of movies that make fun of movies... say that 3 times fast!!! But where you are sure to see them is in the upcoming Mex-ploitation masterpiece Machete, which comes out this Friday, September 3rd. From the looks of it they will be reprising their "crazy Babysitter" roles, and were featured in Maxim back in 2008 (we got those pics for you son... slow down!) These girls look like a lot of fun, and they look like they are HAVING fun, which is a great thing for young actresses making money to make believe (Got that Kristen Stewart?) Make sure you see Machete this weekend, and remember these words to live by: One pretty girl is good, but two identical ones are EVEN BETTER!!!

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  1. These girls are disgusting and I would not have sex with them. Nope...wouldn't do it!

  2. You think they would have sex with you?
    you're right!! you won't only because you can't!!!

  3. Oh shit Jeff... the anonymous person got at you son!!! Yo anonymous, sign up and become a follower so you can abuse J Bond with our real name!!!! Get em!!!!

  4. Haha...

    surely 'Anonymous' isn't accustomed to my rapier wit, Mr. Mike!

    Truth is, I'd have ALL KINDS of sex every hour of the day with these hotties. Truth is, I'd probably just have to tell myself they're disgusting to overcome performance issues.

  5. I have a wicked crush on these two skanks. And I use the word in only it's most loving meaning. They are dirty and sexy and I wouldn't feel the lest bad about pulling their hair during the time I would hire them to babysit even though I don't have children.

  6. Thanks Zack... hope you are a follwer on the site and you like what wer are doing here at CCD!!!!