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September 28, 2010

The New Porsche Panamera: Family Sports Car Status Son!!!

Back in the day, rich men used to have trade in their Porsches when they were going to have kids in order to fit baby seats in the back. Out went the sportscar status, gone until a mid life crisis would come 15-20 years down the line. Porsche tried to correct that problem with the Cayenne, a SUV that became extremely popular with the ladies more then the gents. So despite the fact that Porsche was accommodating the families, there still wasn't anything repping for the dudes... that was up until they unleashed the Porsche 970, also known as the Panamera.

How gorgeous is that??? Its a full size, four-seater, that will have plenty of room for the kiddies and still has the body and engine of daddy's old school Porsche... I'm a looking, and I'm a liking! This puppy starts at around 90k and tops out totally tricked out at around 140k... not to shabby. Take a look at some more pics, and tell us what you think about the new Panamera.

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