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September 24, 2010

Gran Apertura Vol #7- The Twilight Zone Movie

Gran Apertura means "Great Opening" in Italian. I felt it was an appropriate title for the new column I will be writing here at C-C-D. I love movies, but every once in a blue there is an opening segment in a movie that just sets the bar way to high for the rest of the flick. This opening scene is so good, it can't be topped by the rest of the movie itself. Or, sometimes the opening scene is part of an excellent film, and it does the job of getting you roped in. No matter what, the opening scene in a movie is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT scene in the whole film. So this column will highlight some of the greatest opening segments from the wide world of cinema. If you like what you see, maybe you will go ahead a check out the films in completion. Happy Viewings!!!

This week we check out Albert Brooks and Dan Aykroyd in the opening scene from The Twilight Zone movie. This is one of the all time greatest opening scenes ever, and it scared the f'n shit outta me when I was a kid. I like this clip cause it also shows the start of the first scene after the credits, the one starring Vic Morrow. Morrow died on the set of this movie due to a mechanical accident, so this movie is bizarrely eerie even in real life. All in all a solid flick, with one of the best opening scenes ever. Look how young Aykroyd and Brooks are.... wow!!! Enjoy the clip, sorry for the subtitles...

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  1. Awesome! I must recommend Die Hard with a Vengeance to be on this list at some point...