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August 10, 2010

Weezer's New Album Is Called "Hurley"... Yup, That Hurley

I always wondered just how hard it is for a band to come up with the name for a studio album. Some are strange (Wu Tang - Enter The 36 Chambers), some are funny (Gym Class Heroes- As Cruel As School Children), some are serious (Jay-Z - Th Black Album), etc.... but every once in a blue the band must get stuck. Apparently, Weezer just met Jorge "Hurley" Garcia from Lost, and they became fast friends. Here they are in the studio chillin:

So when the band couldn't come up with a title for their new album, they just decided to crop the above picture and call it the "Hurley" album in honor of Jorge. Ironically, the guys in the band are just starting Lost on DVD (WTF, where you been???) so its not because of their overwhelming love for the show... it was all about the vibe they got from chilling with Jorge (God knows they must have ate good when they chilled... look at the size of that guy!!!) Anyways, here is the album art. Check for the Hurley album to be in stores soon.

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