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August 2, 2010

True Bloody Love by Kate Jones - 3.5 thru 3.7....Part 1

Well guys, I owe you three episodes. That’s like 15 pages of single spaced writing on Microsoft Word. Do you have any idea how much time that will take away from my life.. you know… work, schoolwork, and reading A Clash of Kings? You don’t care do you? I didn’t think so.
Either way, I decided that I am going to give you a bunch of smaller recaps this week; not by episode but by storyline. We’ll go with some of the smaller ones today. So lets talk about Arlene, Terry, Jason, Hoyt, Jessica, Lafayette, Sam and the Mickens.

The best thing about the Sam storyline right now is that it seems to be coming to a close. The Mickens have moved into one of Sam’s rental homes right across the street from Arlene (also renting from Sam). Sam also gave Tommy a job working at Merlotte’s and asked Joe Lee to be the onsite handyman for his rentals. While he is at work, Tommy gets a call from his father screaming to come home. He hangs up and asks Sam if he can crash at his place. This is fine with Sam until Joe Lee shows up at his house drunk screaming that he owns Tommy. Sam makes him go sleep it off. The next day, Melinda shows up and asks for a private word with Tommy. She says that they can’t trust Sam to take care of them and that Tommy needs to go home to help take care of her. She also says that she was in the ring as long as she could be, but she has back problems now, and he has to be the one. Is it horrible that I was so dense to think they were talking about the circus? I was totally thinking freak show, not dog fights.

Anyway, Arlene is upset because she sees the Mickens loading a pitbull in to their truck and that’s when Sam figures out what is going on. He finds out from Andy where there are dogfights and goes in to try and save the day. He frees all of the other caged dogs and gets to the ring just in time to stop a mean looking Rottweiler from finishing off Tommy. He yells at the Mickens, calling them the worst parents in the world, and asks Tommy if he wants to come live with him. Tommy accepts and they drive off.

I don’t think that this is the end of the Mickens, but I see that this storyline is at least coming to a close. That makes me happy.

Arlene is still stressed out from working so much, but her and Terry have moved in together. How cute was Terry when he was talking to Sam about having a normal life with a woman and a baby? He’s such a sweet character and you really want the very best for him. Arlene, however, is being a bit of a crazy person over the fact that she’s working with Jessica. Arlene is extremely afraid of being glamoured or being around any vamps in general. Jessica is a bit offended by this and instead of glamouring Arlene, she glamours all of her customers in to not leaving her any tips. She becomes even more afraid of Jessica when her fangs come out when Arlene gets a little paper cut. Jess feels bad about this and glamours Arlene’s last customer in to giving Arlene a very big tip. Then Jess feeds off of said customer (who I am pretty sure was Moonbeam in PCU, a cinematic masterpiece for sure).

Jessica is also a little sad, because she saw Hoyt on a date with the very annoying Summer, who later shows up at Hoyt’s house with biscuits saying she’s his new girlfriend. Also, I think Tommy has the hots for Jessica, so lets see how that plays out.

Jesus, the cute nurse from Lafayette’s mother’s mental hospital, shows up at Merlotte’s to ask Lafayette out on a date. Even though Lafayette is working, he waits around the bar all day, and they play pool together afterward. They talk a lot and reveal secrets about each other. They have a make out session and they go back to Lafayette’s place. All of a sudden, the Meth dealers from Hotshot show up to kick Lafayette’s ass. But Lafayette and Jesus did most of the ass kicking. Bad thing- Jesus also found out that Lafayette is a drug dealer, and that meant an end to their date.

Jason wants to be a cop, but unfortunately he can only do deskwork around the police department for now. While he is beautifully shirtless and washing the patrol cars, he sees the beautiful and mysterious girl that he saw in the woods in Hotshot. He jumps in a patrol car and pulls her over, still with no shirt on! We find out that her name is Crystal and she is very hesitant to go out with Mr. Stackhouse for reasons unknown to all of human kind. He tells her to meet him at Merlotte’s. She shows up outside but wasn’t going to go in. The two then run around in the woods together and make out and dry hump and all that good stuff. However, she smells something (Were maybe?) and has to run for it. Jason shows up in Hotshot to see her, but one of the guys who tried to beat Lafayette up answered the bell. It turns out they are engaged. Jason is dying to find out something about her though and asks the guy he arrested a couple of episodes ago about her. Turns out Crystal is his cousin, and her fiancĂ©e is something to him as well, but he won’t tell Jason anymore unless he can get him some crystal meth. Jason goes to Lafayette looking for it and, together, they get a distressed call from Tara…

To be continued! 

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  1. You're right about that 'Mickens' storyline seeming quite dull from the get-go...but I think it's paying off now with this cool revelation that shifters (is that what Sam and Tommy are referred to as?) have been secretly entering themselves in under ground dog fights. (Tommy was in the fight secretly, right? All those dogs weren't shifters were they?) Pretty cool I think...and definitely 10 times better than if it were his parents just physically abusing him directly. A tired direction which, to me, it seemed to be headed in. This all makes that 'ownership' claim of Tommy by his parents pretty if they owned a prize fighting dog not raised a child. I love when this show gets to exploring the underbelly of the sci-fi issue. In it's essence, posing the question 'What would redneck trash do if given the powers of vampires, werewolves and the like?' than answering it for us. Excellent!

    Hoyt's new broad Sunny seems too act a little too much like Hoyt's dead mommy and I don't think that will wind up fairing well for her...unless, of course, he's into that sort of thing.

    This Lafayette/Jesus romance seems a little draaaaaaaaawn out. Something's obviously brewing there and I'll wait patiently. I just kinda smirk when I think of the irony that Lafayette has FOUND JESUS after all of his rants toward his aunt about looking to Jesus to solve everything for her in troubled times. Teehee.

    A cliffhanger within a recap? You tease!