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August 25, 2010

Strike A Pose... Star Wars Yoga, This Is

From the files of things I am not surprised to see but still can not believe are true comes this offshoot of traditional yoga from out of the wacky mind of Matthew Latkiewicz. He takes famous characters and situations from the Star Wars Saga and applies them to the poses that one would manipulate their body into in order to get a very real yoga workout. Some of these poses are quite ingenious and from reading his blog (click the link above) I have found out that he even sent this to Mr Skywalker himself George Lucas to try and get a formal endorsement... no word on if he has been successful yet, but knowing the sellout status of Mr Lucas, they will be Jedi Academies popping up all over the USA to teach padawan's the way of the Force through yoga.... Joe Esq, commence your eye rolling now!!! Can we get a few comments below on whether or not you would give this a shot... please???

***Please click Read More below to see the rest of the poses***

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